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Aleks Hytta Co.
You can take a look at Picture galary right now. There are some images with our products.
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"Aleks Hytta" co. specializes in the manufacture of hand-crafted timber houses, using traditional Norwegian methods and technology. Our company has been exporting wooden houses to Norway for several years. 

The quality of air inside a wooden house is always fresh - because timber is a natural air conditioner! 

There are a number of different methods used in the construction of wooden houses, including traditional Russian, Norwegian and Canadian techniques. Canadian and Norwegian methods are similar (the main difference is that Canadian houses typically use un-shaped roundwood logs, while in Norway it is more usual to use timber that has been carefully oval-profiled). 

Norwegian construction methods date back more than a thousand years. With such a well established tradition, Norwegians see little need to adopt newfangled mass-production manufacturing using cylindered logs or laminated veneer lumber. 

However, high quality construction of wooden houses is far from easy, and requires skillful craftsmen. An expert carpenter needs to have artistic flair, as well as an intimate understanding of the way that timber of different diameters can be combined to create a coherent living space. Our craftsmen have been trained by expert instructors from Aamot in Norway.

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